Motohaus Powersports is an energetic and progressive company staffed by a team of dedicated motorcycle professionals whose sole aim is to bring to market a range of high quality and innovative products for today's motorcyclist. In January 2006, Connect Computer Consultants was invited to discuss the upgrade of the Motohaus IT system.

Motohaus operated a small number of Windows PCs (and one Mac) in a workgroup environment. Although there was a Windows NT4 server on the network, the Windows domain model was not fully exploited. The IT environment was also suffering from a general lack of reliability due mostly to the ageing server. In addition there are the usual problems that come with even a moderately sized Windows workgroup. The lack of centralised user account management meant that if users are to either use, or access resources located on individual PCs then they must have a user account and password for each machine. This quickly becomes very tiresome to manage, and effectively ties users to particular PCs.

Connect Computer Consultants recommendation was to configure and install a new Small Business Server into the existing environment. This choice was attractive to Motohaus as it meant the existing desktop machines could be setup for the new environment without any significant changes or cost. This not only solved the reliability issues of the old server hardware and the centralised access to resources but gave them a host of other advantages for the business:

Resilient and reliable backup system and regime setup

Individual and group e-mail addresses, providing better communication

Server based data storage, allowing security and automatic backups.

Remote and secure access to company e-mail via Outlook Web Access (OWA)

Remote and secure access to company data via a virtual private network (VPN)

Since this work was completed, Connect Computer Consultants have remained a point of contact for Motohaus and have provided them on a number of occasions with adhoc IT support and more recently have developed an in house bespoke database to improve the speed and accuracy with which they can process customer orders.

Client Story:

EastHill Ltd

Easthill Ltd are a medium size building services contractor specialising in high quality property refurbishment. They are based in London and the south of England. Connect Computer Consultants (CCC) were initially asked to come in to resolve some internet connectivity problems they were experiencing but also to investigate and propose an upgrade path for their IT environment.