EastHill Ltd

EastHill Ltd

Easthill Ltd are a medium size building services contractor specialising in high quality property refurbishment. They are based in London and the south of England. Connect Computer Consultants (CCC) were initially asked to come in to resolve some internet connectivity problems they were experiencing but also to investigate and propose an upgrade path for their IT environment.

The connectivity issues were resolved and investigation into the existing infrastructure was carried out. Easthill were using a server running NT 4.0 SP6 which Microsoft would soon be discontinuing support for. The server also had minimal memory and disk space. The email was provided by another software product which although it worked, stored the email locally on each desktop and created a delay in the delivery and receipt of email.

CCC’s suggested and accepted upgrade path was to provide a new server installed with Microsoft Small Business Server. With this a more robust backup strategy was supplied with greater capacity. To keep costs down, the existing desktop environment was just added to the domain and a compatible version of Microsoft office was installed on top of the old version.

This work was carried out as well as migrating all email to the new exchange environment. The existing antivirus software was upgraded to MacAfee Total Protection Advanced.

Since this work was completed, East Hill has noticed greater reliability. An additional benefit of this work was an improvement in working practises including the use of companywide shared contacts and calendars. Easthill are currently awaiting delivery of a new router to enable VPN connections. Once this is installed they will have greater connectivity into the office enabling them to work on the move and access their desktops and company data. Also they will have greater connectivity between both offices allowing them to share files and emails more easily.

Easthill is now looking to CCC to help them develop their business processes. They are looking for an electronic document management system to make full use of the new environment and help streamline their business processes.

Client Story:


Motohaus Powersports is an energetic and progressive company staffed by a team of dedicated motorcycle professionals whose sole aim is to bring to market a range of high quality and innovative products for today's motorcyclist. In January 2006, Connect Computer Consultants was invited to discuss the upgrade of the Motohaus IT system.